How do I register my Will and how much does it cost?
Simply go to the Will registration page which will provide you with directions. It does not cost anything to register your Will's location.
Where should I store my Will?
The most important consideration is that your Will should be easily found when you die. To ensure that your wishes are carried out, you need to make your executors aware that you have made a Will and where it is stored.
Can I store my Will with you?
Yes, we offer a free storage facility for Wills that we have prepared for our clients where the original is kept safely and copies are provided to the client.
If my Will details are registered who will get to know these details?
Your details are stored securely on our system. They are safe but accessible but only by the right people and cannot be accessed by any members of the public. Thousands of wills and other documents are lost or mislaid every year, but thousands more are lost for no other reason than because no one knows where they are; it is up to you to provide your executors with the means to locate your will. We do not offer any details from this database to any marketing companies.
Is it correct that I don’t need a Will because if I die everything will go to my spouse/civil partner?
Not necessarily – If there is no Will your assets will be distributed under the strict rules of intestacy. If you are married with no children your spouse/civil partner will be entitled to your entire estate. However if you have children and your estate is over £250,000 your spouse/civil partner will be entitled to the first £250,000 plus the personal chattels and half the remainder of the estate. The rest would be split equally between your children.
Is it correct that as I have made a Will my estate will not need to go to probate?
Not so, it will depend on the assets in your estate and their value. If your estate is very small or if all your assets are jointly owned with a surviving spouse or civil partner then your executors may not need to apply for the Grant of Probate.
How much does it cost to search for a Will?
It will cost £10.00 to retrieve information regarding a will which is stored on our database. However information will only be supplied on production of a death certificate and evidence that the person enquiring about the will has the authority to claim it, i.e. your executor or spouse.
Can I ask you to permanently delete my will details?
Yes, we adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998, and you can contact us to request that we remove all electronic records that we hold, including all Will copies.

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